HOT NEWS : There’s hope for Idoma to produce Benue governor – Commissioner

Benue State Finance Commissioner David Olofu on Saturday expressed hope that the state’s Idoma ethnic group will produce the state’s next governor in 2023.

 Although unfortunately, the Idoma ethnic group is the second largest ethnic group. of the State of Benue but has yet to produce a governor 46 years after its founding.

 In an exchange with reporters in Makurdi, Olofu, who is also the chairman of the Forum of State Finance Commissioners, said that the acceptance of State Deputy Governor Benson Abounu as the Idoma candidate consensus at the PDP was a sign that the nation of Idoma was on the right path.

He said, “There has never been a time the Idoma people were as united and sincere in their agitation as now. Since 1999, this is the only time Idoma people would unanimously present one single candidate for PDP primaries. This is a good hope for us as a people and I pray it eventually ends in praise.”

The commissioner advised his Idoma kinsmen, especially various agitating groups, such as Olohi Ka’Idoma, to heed the advice of Governor Samuel Ortom, by continuing to lobby the Tiv stakeholders, for possible understanding before the primaries.

Olofu dismissed with the wave of hand report by a group known as  ‘Olohi Ka’Idoma’, that he was secretly working to become deputy governor, a situation that will threaten the chances of Idoma governorship.

“Those behind the report were hallucinating.Those who are conversant with political party activities and electioneering process in Nigeria would agree with me that no one talks about deputy governorship of a state, except the governorship candidate emerges in the party, after primaries.

“How can we talk about vice-governor when we don’t know who will raise the party’s flag? In fact, the position of Deputy Governor, unlike other positions, is contested. It is usually partitioned in a particular area and stakeholders in that area regroup and come up with an acceptable candidate who can also help the party win the general election. .

 “To say that a person runs for lieutenant governor before the primaries are not finished is not only misleading but also baseless and malicious. It is the fruit of the imaginations of sellers.

  Olohi Ka`Idoma had earlier on Friday accusing Commissioner  of having fundamental aspirations to replace the consensus Tiv candidate in the PDP,  Titus Uba.

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