Bisi Alimi Said, Only a Wicked Person Will Have Kids in Nigeria

Bisi Alimi Said, Only a Wicked Person Will Have Kids in Nigeria, Bisi Alimi, has berated people who give birth to children in Nigeria.

According to him, it is only a ”wicked soul” that will bring a child into a country like Nigeria to participate in the ”suffering orgy”.

Look at what he wrote below

Is Nigeria not mean enough as it is?
Why are people still getting married
and having kids? It is only a very
wicked person that will have kids in
Nigeria, cos I don’t understand how
you think this suffering is so sexy, that
you bringa complete innocent soul to
join you in the suffering orgy

No one in their right
senses in Nigeria should
have a child unless such
persons have been able
to feed, clothes, cater
and invest in themselves.

I think it is pure act of extreme
wickedness for you to be suffering,
then have sex, have babies, and
bring them to this world when you
can’t meet yours and their
everyday needs. You can’t do that
and say you love the kids, it is a lie,
only hatred will make you do such

What are you thinking about that, Do you really agree with that.

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